Sushil Kumar C.,
Research Fellow

Myself SUSHIL KUMAR. C, currently working as Higher Secondary School Teacher in Zoology, Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kottankulangara, Kollam is indeed the first research scholar to join with Biju Kumar Sir (Principal Investigator)as Project Fellow in the KSCSTE project entitled,"Biodiversity Assessment, Nutritional Status and Economic Evaluation of Non- Target Species Wasted by Trawlers in the fishing harbours of Kerala". My field of interest is Biodiversity and Taxonomy. Apart from University or Collegiate incumbents, Being a School Teacher, limitations persist for me in continuation of works in Taxonomy.

Educational Qualifications
Ph.D (Zoology), University of Kerala 2014.
M.Phil (Envt. Management), Mahatma Gandhi University, 2004.
B.Ed. (Natural Science), University of Kerala, 2002.
M.Sc. (Zoology), University of Kerala, 2001.

Research Interest
Taxonomy and Diversity of Carcinological Fauna.

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