Preetha Karnaver,
Research Scholar

The great poet Rabindranath Tagore said "You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water". I was always mesmerised by the magnificent beauty of the sea. Reading about the mermaid stories in my child hood days, I always dreamt about the wonders underlying the ocean and that fascinated me. Later when I started collecting sea shells, I always wondered how it could be of different colours and shapes. Gone were those days, but love for the sea instigates me to know more about it. My proficient teachers encouraged this inquisitiveness and introduced me to the multifarious marine species. while listening to the sound of the waves, it always stood a mystery for me to think about the amazing marine life underneath. Thus I decided to unleash my quest to know more about aquatic life. Today with gratitude and much respect, I bow my head before the great teachers who helped me to find the right path in my career and the studies which I can pursue with passion in my entire life. My area of interest continue to be the taxonomy and diversity of marine gastropods along Kerala coast.

Educational qualifications
Ph D (Zoology), University of Kerala 2017
B.Ed Mahatma Gandhi University 2003
MSc (Zoology), Mahatma Gandhi University 2002

Research Interest
Taxonomy and Diversity of Marine Gastropods

Recent publications
1. K. Preetha, R. Ravinesh, A. Bijukumar, K.V. Dhaneesh and S. George (2014) ‘First record of Granulifusus poppei (Mollusca: Fasciolariidae) from Indian Coast’, Journal of Marine Biodiversity records Vol.7; pp: 1-3.

2. Preetha , K., Ravinesh, R. and BijuKumar, A. (2015) ‘Record of the venomous Vic wee's Cone Conus vicweei Old, 1973 (Gastropoda: Conidae) from Lakshadweep Sea’, Journal of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries” (ISSN 2321 – 340X), Volume 3, Issue 2, 2015 pp 121-123.

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