Sheeba S.,
Research Scholar

The real heroes behind my research aptitude are all my teachers who taught me in my college days. I really wondered when I started doing my PhD and was able to publish some good quality works in international peer reviewed journals. Currently I work with taxonomy of metazoan parasites in fish. I wish to concentrate on conservation biology in the future and waiting to have a good opportunity to work in that field.

Educational qualifications
Ph D (Aquatic Biology & Fisheries), University of Kerala 2019
MSc (Zoology), University of Kerala 2007

Research Interest
Taxonomy of Metazoan parasites, Conservation biology

Awards and Fellowships
Best Paper award in National Seminar on ‘Emerging Trends in Biodiversity conservation and sustainable Management’. Dept of Zoology, Christian College, Chengannur, Kerala 25-26th August 2011

Recent publications
1. Moravec, F., Sheeba, S and A. Biju Kumar, 2012. Rhabdochona (Rhabdochona) keralaensis sp. nov. (Rhabdochonidae) and some other nematodes in the Indian mottled eel Anguilla bengalensis bengalensis from India. Acta Parasitologica, 57(1): 74 - 82. (Impact factor: 0.905)

2. Moravec, F., Sheeba, S and A. Biju Kumar, 2013. Observations on nematodes from the Indonesian shotfin eel Anguilla bicolor bicolor McClelland in India, including a revalidation of Heliconema ahiri Karve, 1941 (Physalopteridae). Acta Parasitologica, 58(4): 496 - 503. (Impact factor: 0.905)

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