Mosab Ali Mohammad Ali Alzahaby,
Research Fellow (Egypt)

I have started my researchcareer in fish biology during 2011 and I gained experience in reproductive biology and conservationof fishes. I have also expertise in many biological techniques such as histology and immunohistochemistry of pituitary gland. Recently,I started my doctoral research on the topic "Diversity and Reproductive Biology of Wrasses (Perciformes: Labridae) of Southwest Coast of India".

Educational qualifications
M.Sc. (Marine Biology & Fisheries), Al-Azhar University, 2015
B.Sc.(Marine Biology & Fisheries), Al-Azhar University, 2009

Research Interest
Biodiversity documentation, integrated taxonomy&reproductive biology of Fishes

Cytology, Histology, Fish biology, Benthos, Oceanography, Marine Plankton, Marine Ecology, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Biology, Processing of marine products, Fisheries and Aquaculture

Awards and Fellowships
First Rank in Bachelor of Science Marine Biology and Fishes, In May 2009 with grade "VeryGoodHonor" (AL-AZHAR UNIVERSITY).
(ICCR) Indian Council for Cultural Relations Fellowship, offered by Government of India

Ahmed M. Azab ,Mostafa A .Mousa ,Hassan M. Khalaf-Alla and Mosab A. M. Ali2015.Reproductive cycle of the broomtail wrasse, Cheilinuslunulatus in habiting coral reef in Hurgada Red Sea Egypt.Eygypt. G.Aquat.Biol. &Fish., 19 (1): 37-54.

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