Nisanth H.P.,
Research Scholar

DST- INSPIRE Fellow, like to understand the dynamics of nature through the eyes of birds. For perusing Ph.D., I am planning to study the diversity and foraging ecology of seabirds along Kerala and Lakshadweep coast and trying to answering the question, why they are here?
My coterie with birds begins from college days mainly by volunteering in bird surveys. I am fascinated about the colour complexity and patterns of the plumage in birds, which inculcate curiosity in observing birds and gradually it becomes my passion. Along with advancing my academic career as a researcher I also intend to do activities for creating awareness and generating curiosity in the public towards nature through birding.

Educational qualifications
M.Sc. (Pure and Applied Zoology) University of Kerala, 2015

Research Interest
Avian taxonomy, Foraging ecology, Avian Biology, Biodiversity Assessment

Awards and Fellowships
First Rank in M. Sc. Pure and Applied Zoology (University of Kerala), DST- INSPIRE Fellowship,CSIR-UGC NET (Lectureship only)

Recent publications
1. Nisanth, H.P. and Biju Kumar, A. 2019. Observations on the entanglement of plastic debris in seabirds of the Family Laridae along Kerala coast, India, Journal of Aquatic Biology & Fisheries,7, 115 – 119

Curriculum vitae

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