Soumya K.R.,
Research Fellow

My keen observation skills which I had developed during my childhood, paved the way for my intensive interest in behavioral studies. I watched each and every movements of the regular backyard visitors (animals and birds) of my home and wondered why do they perform such actions? When I came to know about the separate branch for behavioral studies in Biology during my under graduation, I decided to learn more in that field and work on behavior and relative disciplines. My belief that I developed that land animals and higher forms are suitable candidates for behavioral studies got changed when I came to the Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, for my M.Sc. course. The highly complex behavioral patterns of aquatic forms always fascinated me at every aspects of behavior. During my post-graduation, I worked on aquarium behavior of two jellyfish species maintained in the laboratory. I would like to extend my studies to the field, where the animals exists in their natural habitat. Currently I am working on the behavior of the first arboreal crab of India Kani maranjandu from Agasthtamala Biosphere Reserve, Western Ghats.

Educational qualifications
M.Sc. (Aquatic Biology and Fisheries), University of Kerala, 2018

Research Interest
Aquatic animal behaviour documentation (Amphibians, Fish, Crustacea), Behavioural Ecology, Evolutionary ethology, Conservation behaviour

First Rank in M.Sc. Aquatic Biology and Fisheries (University of Kerala).

Curriculum vitae

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